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Annual Read Out And Ur Rune Codes

Annual Read Out And Ur Rune Codes Image

The White Rhythmic Wizard, Kin 214, 2011-2012 is the penultimate year before the great changing of the Aeon. This will be unprecedented, dramatic and climactic for many people for many reasons.

In terms of the Bolontiku, the nine Sirian Lords of Time and Destiny - this year represents the eighth "lha" or time lord, Awesome Blowing Six Turquoise Winds. As the name of this" lha" implies, its creative power is an unparalleled capacity to cleanse the world not only from the four cardinal directions, but from above and below as well. This represents an unprecedented cosmic cleansing of the Earth. But these are also turquoise winds - turquoise is the color of the dawn, so it is a cleansing in preparation of the dawning of the new Aeon.

THE ORACLE: WHITE RHYTHMIC WIZARD KIN 214I organize in order to enchant

Balancing receptivity

I seal the output of timelessness

With the rhythmic tone of equality

I am guided by my own power doubled "Do you suppose that you will enter the Garden without having suffered like those before you? They were afflicted by misfortune and hardship, and they were so shaken that even their messenger and those believers with him cried, 'When will God's help arrive?' Truly God's help is near." (Qur'an, Sura 2, verse 214)

Everything is occurring as prophesied. This verse from the Quran sums up the dire stress the world will undergo during the 2011-2012 solar galactic cycle of kin 214. But it also says, "God's help is near." Look to the skies for the Interdimensional assistance now on standby for Earth's great crisis.

This year's oracle is guided by its own power - Timelessness - doubled - so it might well seem like forever. Wizard represents the lost planet Maldek, and it could be that world events are now reflective of both this planet's end and its spiritual resurrection. But the Wizard also represents enchantment and receptivity. These are clues for how to survive and even transcend the world stress. Don't resist; be receptive. The enchantment of the world lies in the codes of the synchronic order, the fourth-dimensional order of reality that characterizes the new time that is dawning. So if you know these codes, practice them with a sincere heart and know you are opening the door to 2013 - the garden of enchantment of the new Earth.

The Rhythmic Serpent is the analog partner in this oracle while the Rhythmic Seed is the antipode. This means that the life force is to be maintained and cultivated in order balance and support the process of transformation. The challenge is to prepare the seeds of the new while so much of the old is collapsing and in chaos.

In the occult position below is the Blue Galactic Hand. The Blue Galactic Hand is guided by the Blue Galactic Monkey. This means the hidden powers to be drawn on are Galactic Accomplishment and Galactic Magic. These are signs of the Force that is now getting ready to come to the assistance of the Earth Wizards and their embattled planet.

The Day Out of Time, White Rhythmic Mirror, Kin 58 (29 x 2), is of course the second of the Clear signs on the sarcophagus lid of Pacal Votan and signifies the disincarnation of the great time traveler in AD 683. That it is the galactic signature of the Day Out of Time, July 25, 2012, symbolizes completely the death of the old 12:60 order. The fact that the 2013 Gregorian new year's day will be Kin 218, White Planetary Mirror, the galactic signature of the discovery of the tomb of Pacal Votan in 1952, signifies the resurrection into the new time that will occur by the mid point of the following Blue Resonant Storm Year, Kin 59, 2012-2013. Incidentally on Resonant 16, January 25, 2011 it was reported that the lid had been replaced on the sarcophagus of Pacal Votan, restoring it to the state it was when discovered in 1952. This event signified that the purification of the Earth was now in full force.

A note about the 20 Tablets cube position.

In the 20 tablets of the Sixteen Year Cube of the Law we are in the fifteenth (Eagle) position, the third stage of the Mystic Altar. We have left the Mystery of the Stone and are sailing by our own power into the ocean of cosmic consciousness. The Eagle represents the solar prophetic visionary power of the great planet Jupiter, characterized by the creative power of the mind. Identify with the Eagle, the archetypal Seer, who holds the third power of the Telektonon - Ton - the power of sound to become vision. This is an important clues for the possibilities of the supernormal powers aroused by our awakening into the higher, supermind of the cosmic reality of the Noosphere.

Rinri Code for the Eagle Cube position: Faith leads to success; fear and doubt lead to failure.


Red Eastern Quarter: Way Of Wielding Power Descends To Earth

Codon 23, Mind's Release - Seventh Stage Of Way Of Wielding Power

This Rune resembles the Elder Futhark Rune, Elhaz, the Act of Making Sacred. As the seventh of the eight stage process of the Runes and Codons, Way of Wielding Power Descends to Earth represents (as do the other three Runes for this year), the first phase of the binary synthesis of the four CA Rune strands, in this case the third, Way of Wielding Power.

In this Rune, orange in color, we see a central staff with two side prongs at the top, similar to a trident. Such staffs represent a type of power as in the god Neptune, symbolizing his rule of the Oceanic realms of the cosmic unconscious. In the Hindu tradition, the Great Lord Shiva is often depicted holding a type of trident, and likewise in the Tibetan tradition the trident represents the spiritual conquest of the three egoic demons - ignorance, passion and aggression - and is often depicted in representations of advanced yogis or the wrathful forms of the Buddha.

In this case the central staff is conducting energy downward and the two prongs serve as supports that help transmit energy back into the Earth. The meaning of this is that all power, insofar as it is Earthly, comes from the Earth and should return to the Earth. This is the Act of Making Sacred, the investiture of power that maintains the Earth as the sacred vehicle of life as a cosmic phenomenon on this planet.

Codon 23, Mind's Release: Here we have the Temple/Meditation triplet in the position above, while the space (Earth) triplet is below This is an unusual circumstance where the one upward moving yang line is at the top, about to be released, and the five yin lines predominate. This is why the codon is called Mind's Release, for it refers to the release of the mind into space, bringing about a profoundly receptive situation.

In terms of the binary letters we have two space letters in the bottom and middle positions and a mind letter on top. When space is between space and mind it creates Mind's Release. This represents the mind arising from and being released into space - above the Earth. This is appropriate preparation for the changing of the Aeon.

White Northern Quarter: Cosmic Awareness Establishes Binary Order

Codon 31, Mind Attracting - Seventh Stage Of Way Of The Transcendent Fourth

In this Rune we see two luminous green parallel vertical lines contained within a circle representing the whole order of cosmic time. This image signifies the arising of the binary order of reality - yin and yang, mind and matter, night and day, male and female, etc. Here it is the power of transcendent consciousness that conceives the very basis of a continuous cosmic self-creation. So we perceive the intrinsic binary nature of reality as a complementary set creating an integrated whole, illumined by and taking multiple forms through time itself. This represents the first of the two-phase binary synthesis of the fourth UR Rune strand.

Codon 31, Mind Attracting: Here we have the Mountain Temple/Meditation triplet (above in Mind's Release) now in the lower position, while above in the telepathic dimension is the Joy (Ocean) triplet. This creates the image of a lake on top of a mountain, always an awe-inspiring phenomenon (as in Crater Lake, Oregon), or of the serene joy arising from the meditation that occurs in the temple. Meditative calm symbolized by the serenity of the mountain top lake is intrinsically mind-attracting, that is, conducive to contemplation and deep reverie. This characterizes the attitude we need to cultivate as we enter the ever-stormier waters of the Gregorian year, 2012.

This codon consists of the space binary letter below a time letter in the middle and a radiance letter at the top. When time is between space and radiance, that is mind attracting. Cultivate the mind; open your time to the inner space of the higher mind.

Blue Western Quarter: Cosmic Order Returns To Heart Of Heaven

Codon 39, Heart's Discipline - Seventh Stage Of Way Of The Irresistible Fifth

Here a small cross or plus sign is enclosed by a larger circle of time, both dark green in color. This seventh stage synthesis UR Rune is a signal of the elevation of the Cosmic Order into the "Heart of Heaven" - the Hunab Ku. This represents a release of the time of the present order of reality, dissolving it back into the galactic core, so that a new level of the Cosmic Order might descend. To experience this as a whole being requires the heart's discipline.

This quarter's Codon 39, Heart's Discipline, marks the first full quarter within the 2012 year. The Meditation/Mountain triplet appears yet again, and, as with the previous Codon, in the lower sensory position. Above is the Heart/Moon triplet that also represents water or flowing. This signifies the elevation of the heart through the process of meditation so that it becomes quiet and a purely reflective telepathic medium, receiving the commands of the Heart of Heaven. This discipline of the heart - the reining in the emotional body - is critical in a time of great transformation, assuring an absolute clarity of mind concerning what is going on and to keep from acting on any impulsive or conditioned emotional behavior patterns. This is the essence of self-cultivation.

In terms of the binary letters, this Codon is constructed of a space binary letter below, a radiance binary letter in the middle and another radiance letter on top. When radiance is between space and radiance, this is Heart's discipline. The meaning of this is that when the heart becomes disciplined by the power of space, an inner radiance arises, providing an illumination that is evident in the outer being.

Yellow Southern Quarter: Dynamism Resolved As Architectonics

Codon 47, Calling The Source - Seventh Stage Of Way Of Dynamic Construction

Here in the first stage of the binary synthesis of the sixth way, the dynamism of the image characterizing the first six stages becomes stabilized into an image resembling the capital letter "H." The whole process of dynamic construction has now become transformed into a highly balanced and architectural structure, hence "dynamism resolved as Architectonics." This signifies a whole new way of life based on balanced order, harmony, justice and a perception of universal symmetry. The first stage of attaining this new condition is "calling the Source" in order to receive the energy of the New.

The Codon 47, Calling the Source, as with the Codon 31, has the Joy/Ocean triplet in the upper position, the telepathic dimension, while below is the Moon/Heart triplet, moved back down into the sensory dimension, its natural position. In the traditional interpretation this represents water leaking out of a lake, hence the idea of exhaustion and of the necessity of staking one's life on one's will and destiny. While this might apply because of the exhaustion of the old order at the end of the Aeon, the higher interpretation is that of the heart deep within the ocean of consciousness. Here in the primal depths of the mind there is a calling out to Source, otherwise known as a "turning in the deepest seat of consciousness." This means that if one wishes to discard the old self, one must go into the depths of consciousness to effect a transformation in accord with the Great Change now occurring. This is a definition of spiritual survival for this time.

The codon is constructed of binary mind letters at the bottom and in the middle and a concluding binary radiance letter at the top. When mind is between mind and radiance that is calling the source. From within our mind we must ascend to the higher mind and there experience the luminosity and radiance of the original self, the Source of all creation.

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