Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Asatru As A Group Practice

Asatru As A Group Practice Cover As a group practice, we can explore how people interact as well as the kinds of enduring social structures that people develop. Asatru provides many opportunities for group practices. The two most common rituals, the blot and the sumbel, are group rituals. Lore study groups are another way that people involve themselves in group activity. Many Asatru practitioners also belong to one or more of the several national or local organizations of various sizes.

Asatru is experienced as a group activity through its many festivals and gatherings. For some, group practice is paramount. In this way, identity and solidarity is developed while Asatru’s religious values are expressed between the participants. By participating in these group activities, the religion becomes a living community and communal experience.

Some of the enduring social structures of Asatru are known as hearths, garths, kindreds, steads, sippe, skeppslag or tribe. With the exception of the word tribe, these groupings are composed of maybe up to two dozens individuals who pledge to each other certain obligations to practice, participate in and promote the religion together.

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