Friday, January 15, 2010

Goddess Skathi

Goddess Skathi Cover Skathi originates outside of the Gods and Goddesses but by marriage to Njord has joined the Aesir and Vanir. She is known as a Goddess of winter and lives in her hall in the gold mountains. She has a grim nature, and she is known to be fierce. Her strong side is evidenced in her skills with weapons of war. Skathi went to the gods seeking vengeance, but Loki prevented this by making her agree to drop her claim if he could make her laugh then tying his balls to the beard of a goat (rightly judging she was a wight who could appreciate the humor of pain). She became a goddess by marrying Njord, but they were unable to live together, as he preferred the sea and she the frozen mountains. She is said to have later married Ullr, with whom she had more in common. She is a goddess of hunting, and skiing, and the winter.

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