Friday, January 29, 2010

Berkana Rune

Berkana Rune Cover The original meaning of Berkana is birch. The birch still has a similar name in Scandinavian languages: in Norwegian it's bjork, in Swedish bjork, birk in Danish, birki in Icelandic. Seeing how the birch is a female plant, this Rune is connected to the female energy and female deities like Frigga and Idun. Berkana is the Rune of regeneration, fertility, birth and health, as attested by the Runic poem describing Berkana as a young and healthy tree. The quality of Berkana is connected to everything that's new, young or just growing, whether it's a new tree or a newborn. Fertility is also connected to the process of birth and creating something new, so Berkana can symbolize a new addition to the family or an emerging thought being born in the mind of a scientist or artist. As the Rune of health, Berkana is most often used as a talisman that brings health back to the sick. Beside that, it can also be used for protection, because in the olden days it was planted in front of a house to provide protection to the residents (in Slavic folklore it's the service tree that's planted in front of a house for protection).


Positive meaning: renewal, health, regeneration, addition to the family.

Negative meaning: family problems, sterility (in every sense of the word).

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