Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hagalaz Rune

Hagalaz Rune Cover This Rune represents the forces out of our control. Sometimes it's connected to Hel, mistress of the world of the dead and thus considered bad, even an evil Rune. However, a true magician knows that good and bad don't exist, that they're only human ideas. The wrath of Mother Earth, that is the wrath of nature is also an aspect of Hagalaz. The word “hail” represents the angry emotion of nature but also the flight of a weapon in battle. The so-called “hail-wheels” were used to protect the fields from bad weather. That's how people came to the idea that the power of this Rune can be stopped by using the Sun wheel. Another interesting battle against “hail” was lead by one bishop. It's interesting that this Christian priest used a purely pagan ritual. Taking wax from a saint's grave, he would carve certain Runes and place this “talisman” on a high tree near the fields, by which he would allegedly protect them from negative influences of the Hagalaz Rune. Hagalaz is the symbol of suffering and misfortune that has struck us, which at first seems like the wrath and punishment of the Gods, however the consequences of Hagalaz can also be positive if they serve our future spiritual development.


Positive meaning: a great change, the impossibility of controlling a situation.

Negative meaning: natural or spiritual catastrophe, loss of power, pain, suffering, crisis.

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