Thursday, December 27, 2007

Algiz Rune

Algiz Rune Cover Algiz signifies Protection or defense. The original meaning of the Rune is connected to the giant moose who lives in the northern climes, but also a swamp plant with very sharp leaves. A deer's antlers and the sharpness of the plant's leaves perfectly represent the protective nature of the Rune, while its shape reminds one of a pitchfork or Some Other sharp weapon. Therefore this is the Rune of protection, but also a warning because it can warn a man of danger like a subtle antenna. Algiz is used to properly channel energy. This Rune is sometimes connected to the Valkyries or even the fylgja, one's personal spiritual company. As we already know, a fylgja appears whenever someone is in mortal danger, this way warning his family.
Today protective talismans aren't rare, they're made by cyclically connected Algiz Runes, like for example the Aegishjalmar – the Steering Wheel of Terror (a symbol made of four or eight connected Algiz Runes). Beside the protective influence, Algiz can also signify help coming to us from higher plains, someone's new and positive influence as well as the appearance of a person who will play the role of mentor in your life.


Positive meaning: protection, repelling negative energy, warning, defense.

Negative meaning: latent evil, danger, bad influence of a person in your surroundings.

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