Sunday, December 11, 2005

Power And Principles Of The Runes

Power And Principles Of The Runes Cover

Book: Power And Principles Of The Runes by Freya Aswynn

For centuries the Northern Tradition has illuminated the way for many seekers. Based on her initiations into the powers behind the Runes, Freya Aswynn opens the path for those seeking to start their spiritual journey. Principles and Powers of Runes comprehensively covers the history and Development of the Runes. The runes are much more than a simple device for making predictions, but are also a powerful tool for magic and self-development. Aswyn reveals how to understand each Rune sign and comprehend its spiritual and mythic background. She shows how to use the runes to find your life destiny, unlock your latent psychic powers and to heal.

Principles and Power of Runes provides what a beginner needs to know to tread this path, while at the same time giving much needed and previously unavailable Information for experienced practitioners.

Freya Aswynn has a very outspoken and vibrant style, with vocabulary and personal comments uncensored. This makes her books more adult-appropriate but also brings her personality into her writing, making for an enjoyable read of what could have been a dull scholarly subject. This is not the first of her books I have read, nor will it be the last!

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