Monday, December 5, 2005

The Deeds Of Beowulf

The Deeds Of Beowulf Cover

Book: The Deeds Of Beowulf by John Earle

THIS translation was originally made from the Fourth Edition of Moritz Heyne's text. His Fifth Edition came out in 1888, and I think I have used it enough to become acquainted with all the changes that Dr. Adolf Socin, the new editor, has introduced. Where they have appeared to me to be improvements, I have modified my translation accordingly.

My theory of the origin of the poem, which is given in the Third Part of the Introduction, though not absolutely new, because not now published for the first time, is so considerably expanded as to present a new aspect. It was quite new seven years ago when it appeared in THE TIMES. The expansion of my theory has been so spontaneous in its growth as to be in itself, to my mind, additional evidence confirmatory; because as the new proofs have fallen in my way almost unsought by me, so they have seemed to come in simply through the natural affinity of all things for harmonizing with the truth.

I cannot put this book out of hand without once more acknowledging my debt to Mr. H. N. Harvey, who, in the generous office of a friend, has transcribed my purblind pencil work.

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