Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Inguz Rune

Inguz Rune Cover This Rune is connected to Frey, the God of fertility, i.e. with the king Ing, who started the Ingling dynasty. According to legend, during king Ing's rule his lands were more fertile than ever, so Ing, i.e. Frey, was deified after his death, and became a fertility God. Therefore, Ingwaz is connected to fertility, but this fertility – unlike Pertho's – is connected most of all with the creative power of a man. The shape of Ingwaz bears an uncanny resemblance to a seed, and as such this Rune can symbolize at the same time a sperm as well as a plant seed, but as well as a seed, that is a beginning of an interesting idea, a beginning of a good business project. In Ingwaz a person fortifies his or her position and directs to the final goal – Othala. Just like Frey lead his warriors, so Inguz leads a person towards self-realization and enlightenment. Passing through the whole Futhark a person has accomplished a lot and now all that remains is to gather the fruits of one's labour and rule his kingdom like Frey in Upssala. All goals in life are now realized and one is in perfect harmony with the world.


Positive meaning: male fertility, growth, accomplishment, pregnancy.

Negative meaning: impotence, lack of goals, abilities that have not yet been awakened.

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