Saturday, July 23, 2005

Odinism And Asatru

Odinism And Asatru Cover

Book: Odinism And Asatru by Anonymous

The Asatru movement began in the 1970's, as a revival of Germanic paganism. Begun in Iceland on the Summer Solstice of 1972, the Islenska Asatruarfelagid was founded recognized as an Official religion the following year. Shortly afterwards, the Asatru Free Assembly was formed in the United States, although they later became the Asatru Folk Assembly. An offshoot group, the Asatru Alliance, founded by Valgard Murray, holds an annual gathering called "Althing", and has done so for over twenty-five years.

The Asatru are divided into Kindreds, which are local worship groups. These are sometimes called a garth, stead, or skeppslag. Kindreds may or may not be affiliated with a national organization and are composed of families, individuals, or hearths. Members of a Kindred may be related by blood or marriage.

A Kindred is usually led by a Godar, a priest and chieftain who is the "speaker for the gods".

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