Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rune Magic

Rune Magic Image
"In this post I wanted to delve into the basics of Rune Magic and how this tool was used as a powerful Occult Symbol back in ancient Germanic Times.."

As i have mentioned in many previous posts, symbols are powerful tools for Magic and Magical practice. Runes are a perfect example of this as well. They are a very old tool predating Christ and one of the oldest archaeological references of writing. This does not indicate they are only that old, but indicates the practice of Runes was popular beyond and around this date.

"ABOVE IMAGE : Codex Runicus, a vellum manuscript from around 1300 AD containing one of the oldest and best preserved texts of the Scanian Law, written entirely in Runes."

The use and communication abilities of signs has always been viewed as magical tool by our ancestors and so this meant writing with the runes is a very magical act, manipulating magical symbols to create magical meanings. The angular lines representing elements of nature and the world, carved into natural wood, stone or clay. In fact nature was used in every sense.

When looking at the runes it is good to have the perspective of them as doors to the magical world around us. One may represent snow, another fire, or trees, or a river or the spirit. Whichever one, it can be drawn on to benefit the user.


"Rune magic should be used wisely, if after a magical change. It is always best to use them within your magical ability at the time and in time your connection and strength will grow. Also consider the nature of your magical intent of your use and make sure to use them positively as misused they can cause harm."

" As a note, like most manipulation of the energy around us, if used right it can bring about magical positive change. If used wrong and negatively it can bring about negative magical change. "

In many ways Runes use was not much different to the aspects of paganism. Worship of the elements around us and drawing on there energies to help us. In many aspects of magic, it is the symbol of belief that is used to drive the energy whatever it is, however with the Runes it is a tool that can make it so much easier.

Runes can also be used to read your future.. Pulling out a few and throwing them down can answer some messages. Whatever the use, belief combined with symbols is always a good combo for drawing on energy. Runes are a great tool.

In future posts i will into the Mythology behind the Runes (Nordic), the meanings of these mysterious Runes and the ways in which they can be used.