Monday, January 17, 2011

The Odin Brotherhood

The Odin Brotherhood Image

Book: The Odin Brotherhood by Mark Mirabello

The Odin Brotherhood's was first exposed to the general public in 1992 with the publication of the book The Odin Brotherhood by Dr. Mark Mirabello, who is a professor of European history at Shawnee State University.

First contact was made when Mirabello encountered a silver-haired man in a bookshop in Leith, in the United Kingdom. At the time, Mirabello was conducting historical reseach as a doctoral student in Scotland's University of Glasgow.

The gentleman, who called himself Lodur's Friend (in honor of the mysterious god in the Eddaic Verses), was holding a peculiar cane adorned with the images of the serpent and the ass, the two animals that speak in the bible. Both were examining occult books. The gentleman noticed that Mirabello was studying a book called the The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross by Arthur Edward Waite. During this encounter the gentleman pointed out that "The rose symbolizes secrecy" while pointing to an engraving in Mirabello's book on the Rosy Cross. The gentleman went on to say that "Since we speak sub rosa or 'under the rose', our discussion must remain forever secret."

The two men became friends, and "Lodur's Friend" introduced Mirabello to a "circle of fascinating individuals." The group met for unusual feasts, normally in Edinburgh or London, always at night, and always during the time of the new moon.

The feasts were referred to as "conventicles," and they were by invitation only. Those who "feared" or "hated" authority were excluded, but those who "laughed at" authority were welcome.

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