Saturday, October 2, 2010

Asatru Poem The Temple Of Thor

Asatru Poem The Temple Of Thor Cover Three months ago,
The invaders came,
And destroyed The Temple of Thor.

I had spent most of my adult life,
Honoring the Mighty Thunderer,
And helping the Folk,
When they came to pray and make sacrifice.

Now all that stands upon that sacred Hill,
Is a small wooden building that they call a church.

All around the land,
Folk are being forced ,
To kneel before their strange God,
They tell us that,
His name is Christ.

I do not understand these strangers,
They worship a Dead man,
It is said that he is God over the whole earth.

The Folk are confused and fearful,
They do not know what to do.

Those that have refused to worship in there church,
Have been tortured and killed,
I have seen whole families cut down for defending the Old Ways.

They say Our Gods are false,
That they are Demons,
That their God is the only True God.

They have destroyed many of Our Sacred Places,
And built church's on the sites,
So many of Our ways,
They take and add to their's,
So that it will make the Folk more comfortable in worshipping their God Christ.

But what they seem not to know is that,
If you intend to remove a tree,
You must also gather the seeds that fall to the ground,
Otherwise they may sprout again.

Now with hope in my heart,
I look to future generations of the Folk,
That the seeds of the Old Ways will sprout again.

Slowly the Old Gods will awaken,
And grow in strength,
As the Folk find,
And gather the seeds of Old.

And then maybe one day,
The Temple of Thor,
Will be once again,
Be rebuilt upon this Sacred Hill.

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