Thursday, April 1, 2010

God Freyr

God Freyr Cover Freyr is a Vanir God who represents fertility and is the counterpart to his sister Freya. It is said that Freyr rules over the rain and sunshine and the abundance of harvest on Earth. Freyr is also known for having a wonderful ship known as Skithbladnir, and is often symbolized by a boar.

Frey means "Lord" and is more of a title than a name. The real name of this god may have been Ing, which means "Hero". Frey is a Van, and son of Njord. He may actually be synonymous with this god, and been the god sacrificed to Nerthus during certain of her rituals. (Two separate traditions might have given the god different names, and when the traditions came together again it was decided they were father and son.) He is the god who taught agriculture to men, and is known as "God of the Earth". He is prayed to in matters concerning crops, and virility. His quest for the giantess Gerdhr, the Earth, cost him his sword. For this reason he will be forced to fight at Ragnarok with a stag's antler, and it will cost him his life. He may be identical with a series of semi-mythical kings known as Frodhi, and as such legends about them may be taken as legends about him. But I have not yet talked with enough Frey's men to make up my own mind on this matter. Frey is lord of peace, and plenty, and good harvest. He owns a marvelous ship that can fly and folds up so small as to fit in his pocket. (It is thus possibly a symbol of virility, a phallic symbol.) The horse is sacred to Frey. He rides upon a golden-bristled boar, who may be the sun, which would actually make Frey a solar deity. There is more on Frey in the section on runes under the Ing rune.

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