Thursday, March 4, 2010

Using A Teleportation Rune

Using A Teleportation Rune Image
First thing to do is to setup the teleport rune. And if you don't have your teleportation rune set up, just look at the full-page diagram; let us go through how to use it. First, you need to set up your pathway, or tunnel, to the place you want to go. Do this by extending the outer ring of energy (from your destination) upwards to the desired location- through dimensions; so the tunnel is actually quite short and just splices into where you want to go.

It is time to connect the tunnel to your means of going through it. Cause the five elemental energies to course through the straight lines of the rune, blending together and tying the center ring to the tunnel. Double check this step to make sure you have a strong connection.

At this point, you are essentially ready to teleport, but before you do this, there is another step. You need to make a clone of your now-ready teleportation circle and place it at your destination; right where the tunnel connects. Do this by simply willing another prepared circle to appear over the tunnel connection.

The final step is the teleportation itself. Your tunnel is ready to receive you. Remember the large mass of energy, right under your feet? Cause it to surge upwards; and will it as hard as you can to push you through the tunnel, to your destination. Remember that this requires an immense amount of energy and will.

Congratulations! Hopefully, you have just accomplished your first teleportation! If not, however, just go back and keep trying. This takes a lot of practice.

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"Alternate methods"

Just as you can push yourself through a dimensional tunnel; you can also pull yourself through a dimensional tunnel. This can be done if a teleportation circle already exists at the place you want to go. Repeat the basic method, but this time make the tunnel extend towards you. When you have done this, bring the beam of propulsion energy (found in the center ring) to you, make sure it has a firm holding on the rune, and simply have the energy pull you along and to the location.

Don't have enough room to draw out the whole rune? This problem is easily solved. Just draw the rune on a sheet of paper, and place it on the floor in front of you. Proceed to place the energies in their required places on the rune, and begin to connect the tunnel. When this is done, all you have to do is stretch the tunnel itself (not the paper representation) outwards until it has reached the desired size, and step into it. You now have your appropriately sized teleportation circle.


"Credits and resources"

Written by Vaughan Nelson-Lee on 8/1/08.

Thanks to SpellHawk for the idea of a teleportation rune; and to the rest of the Casa Umbrae crowd (Caroline, Jordan, Nikola, Ben, Kio, and a few more) for advice and getting me into magic.

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