Thursday, October 15, 2009

How To Use Magic And Runes

How To Use Magic And Runes Image


To understand how to strengthen the aura of a person, the nature of aggression psychic and magic is to be understood.

The pagan art that uses the will to effect change is called magic. The magic of the idea, according to popular literature, is the ability that allows a person to use the toll of magic rituals and symbols as opposed to laws such as chemistry and physics. Although it is an art that is related to magic as what is used by magicians and jugglers that deceive the eye, is not the same. Magic is the cause of many phenomena such as ESP, healing and astral projections mental, that are foreign and can not be explained. Magic is white or black above causes the occurrence of something good, while the second makes the occurrence of something bad.

psychic powers that are considered trash by scientists, just because science can not explain what is considered a paranormal phenomenon and is largely avoided by scientists. There are many who say they have developed powers such as these with the exploration of energy fields of the astral world which have not yet been identified or quantified by modern science. These skills include psychic means, healers, and soothsayers detectives. As in its operation in any other manner energy, astral energy building must also pay a price.

For people who are familiar with the call of work internally, is known that the psychological effects caused are sent through the subconscious mind to come into force. Therefore, the emergence of psychic attacks will be present if the mind of the person is attuned to the negative effects of mental activity. It also occurs if the mind is open to attack by malicious items world astral. This can cause very bad effects and whether these attacks are not stopped by the mental self, the consequences can be even worse.

I psychically defense can be developed by increasing the strength of the aura and psychic abilities are primarily focused on the mind of an individual. The aura of a person focuses so similar and shows a glow that encompasses the essence of a person and is regarded as a reflection of a persons spiritual state. To strengthen your aura, a person must do visualization.

One of the suggested exercises is to conjure a triple white flame of fire in the heart that expands and wraps the body of the magician in a balloon. No negative thought or imperfections are allowed as luminance is that it is pure and attract positive forces himself and thus the aura and strengthens. It is a kind of magic and is called as a guard, while making a sphere of protection or a protection balloon plot. People also suggest to take the blue or white magic of the land so that the energy expended by oneself is less and help in making a powerful field.

The other ways of increasing psychological self-defense is the use of runes which are symbols or signs that have specific uses. For the protection of a person or an object, the rune Elk, also known as the Elhaz Algiz or rooms used and negative thoughts and the peace of mind increases. A person with a peaceful mind will have a strong aura auras reflect the welfare of ones mind. For those who do not start, the aura and psychic self-defense sound like nonsense. However, we must admit that not everything can be explained today. For people who are trained to know about the paranormal, psychic elements can affect and influence their welfare. It is for their own welfare to be protected. Even for people who are skeptical about this, positive thinking and strengthening the eyes of aura as indeed is a reasonable proposal.

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