Monday, July 27, 2009

Swedish Asatru Society In Scandinavia

Swedish Asatru Society In Scandinavia Cover In Scandinavia, the Swedish Asatru Society formed in 1994, and in Norway the Asatrufellesskapet Bifrost formed in 1996 and Foreningen Forn Sed formed in 1999. They have been recognized by the Norwegian government as a religious society, allowing them to perform "legally binding civil ceremonies" (i. e. marriages). In Denmark Forn Sidr also formed in 1999 (and recognized by the state in 2003) and in Sweden Natverket Gimle formed in 2001, as an informal community for individual heathens. Natverket Forn Sed formed in 2004, and has a network consisting of local groups (blotlag) from all over the Sweden.

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