Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ragnark Rune Defined By Peter H Gilmore

Ragnark Rune Defined By Peter H Gilmore Image
Church Of Satan High Priest Peter H. Gilmore Defines His Ragnar"ok Rune Symbol:

"My Ragnar"ok Rune Consists Of A Variant On The Rune Of Outward Radiating Power With A Wolf's Cross (sign Of Hel And Unchangeable Fate) At The Center. It Symbolizes The Inevitable Spread Of The Forces Of Darkness Throughout The Universe." It Can Thus Be Employed As Part Of The Rite Of Ragnarok, Available In My Book The Satanic Scriptures", Originally Written And Performed In The Late 1980s. This Is A Purposely Militant Rite, Not For The Timid, And It Is Exaggerated In Its Stylized Cataclysmic Theatrics. One Might Note That Some Of This Mythology Has Been Used By The Third Reich. However, It Should Also Be Observed That While We Satanists Appreciate The Drama Of The Mass Rallies Of The Past, Here We Are Invoking And Embracing The Gods That Were Considered Enemies By Those Who Tried To Create A Neo-pagan Culture For Nazi Germany. They Wanted To Resurrect Valhalla-our Rite Sends It Crashing Down In Flames.

Church Of Satan Members Have Used This Ritual To Purge Emotions Raised By The Terrorist Attacks Of 9/11, As Well As To Release Their Hatred Of The Current Creeping Theocracy Imposed By Right Wing Fundamentalist Christians In Western Nations. You Too May Find It A Powerful Cathartic To Eliminate Feelings Of Repression Induced By Parts Of Society That Are Distinctly Anti-individualistic And Utterly Un-Satanic.

It May Be Used As Well To Cast A Vision Of The Future, A Societal Is-To-Be That Moves The World In Directions Of Greater Freedom, Abundant Secularism, And Utter Elimination Of Fundamentalist Fanaticism."

~ Peter H. Gilmore