Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gebo Rune

Gebo Rune Cover The Rune Gebo signifies gifts, but we can interpret this in more than one way. One gives offerings to Gods but he can also expect something in return. The connexion between men and Gods goes both ways, and this Rune symbolizes that connexion. Gebo also signifies a connexion between people. Whether it's marriage, friendship or even business communication, these connexions are founded on the balanced Relationships of every factor. Because whether in marriage or friendship, there is always the mutual taking and giving, it's the same with a business Communications. Gebo was used in rituals connected to marriage and it was most often engraved or etched on appropriate objects for this purpose. If we observe the shape of this Rune we shall see that it represents two mutually entwined forces. These forces could be sexual energies of men and women, but also the efforts and ambitions that join business partners, or the love that connects Gods and men. This is the ideal Rune you could use to connect with the Gods as well as your higher Self.


Positive meaning: gift i.e. offering, but also a generous gift, balance, partnership, connexion, relationship, exchange, contract.

Negative meaning: loneliness, dependence, too great a sacrifice, greed.

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