Saturday, February 16, 2008

Raidho Rune

Raidho Rune Cover Raidho is the Rune of travelling. In the days of yore it was used as a lucky charm for the journeys of the living and the dead, and it was also connected to Thor. The Nordic word “raid” means a vehicle with wheels (like a cart), but also thunder. As we know, Thor made thunders by travelling in his chariot across the sky, like the Slavic God Dazhbog. This is the Rune of cyclic journeying, whether it's the Sun's journey across the sky, or the journey of man into himself. As an internal journey Raidho represents the next level of psychological development coming after Ansuz, a level in which a person only starts to know the world and him or herself, in which one shows the will for further learning and advancement. So, Raidho can signify a journey or a change in any shape or direction. It can be the change of understanding or an expansion of consciousness, as well as a journey in the physical world. Since Raidho is connected to movement, change and progress of all kinds, this Rune can be used to enable progress and making easier the circumstances that cause change.


Positive meaning: journey, evolution, establishing life's rhythm, possible journey.

Negative meaning: crisis, stagnation, disrupting life's rhythm, danger on the journey.

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