Thursday, November 10, 2005

God Thor

God Thor Cover Thor, the thunder God, is known for his exceptional strength and for his war hammer, Mjollnir. Son of Odin and the Earth Mother, he is known for his friendship for humanity and crafts people. Thor is the strongest god, son of Odin and Jordh, the Earth. He rules over the realm of Thrudheim, and his mansion is named Bilskirnir. He drives a chariot pulled by two flying goats, Tanngniost and Tanngrisnir. He is god of the rain (and as such is also a god of the crops), and the thunder, and the lightning. He is the protector of gods and men alike, and is the eternal enemy of the jotunns (giants), thurses, etins, and trolls, who seek ever to destroy the lands of gods and men. In fact Thor has a piece of whetstone imbedded in his forehead from a particularly great battle with a giant armed with a whetstone club. Tales told of Thor often involve his travels to the lands of these beings, for purposes of adventure and slaughter. A companion in his travels is often Loki, and there is a mystery in this, for Thor is the only power Loki really respects (fears) and as such is the natural counterbalance to him. (This also works in reverse as well, for Loki's sharp wits and wily ways are often of benefit to Thor as well, and serve in ways brute strength cannot.) Thor's wife is Sif, who is looked at as a Goddess of the crops. Thor possesses three chief treasures; the hammer Mjollnir, which is the lightning, and it never misses (almost) and nothing can stand before it, and it returns to its wielder's hand after being thrown, and he also possesses the iron gauntlets needed to handle the great heat and power of the hammer, and he possesses a magic girdle that doubles the strength of the wearer. Thor is often pictured in modern sources as slow of wit, something of a redneck of a god. This shows a certain lack of understanding of him. He is a very wise and intelligent being. After all, he was able to keep a dwarf he could not kill for social reasons in conversation about deep cosmic matters for an entire night, until the sun arose. It is just that Thor's wisdom is a practical kind of wisdom, rather than the showy kind seen in Odin. Thor was perhaps the most popular of the gods, and while Odin's people are jarls (noblemen) or wargs (outlaws), Thor's people are carls, freemen, the ordinary people who loved him best. Thor is god of farmers, and common folk, as well as fighters. One would pray to Thor for strength, and protection, and for land, and for rain. It is also said that mere mention of Thor's name aloud can cause the god to take notice, and suddenly appear. More on Thor is available in the section on runes, under the Thorn rune.

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