Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tiwaz Rune

Tiwaz Rune Cover This Rune belongs to the God Tyr, giver of victory to honourable warriors. Tiwaz was engraved in Weapons from the beginning; it was the tendency not only to obtain Tyr's benevolence, but also his courage, fearlessness and sense of fairness and justice. Elderly warriors would engrave Tiwaz on their own bodies to avoid death of old age and in that way open to themselves the entry to Valhalla. Tiwaz signifies the spear but also the arrow, which is evident from the Rune's very shape. This symbol was often engraved on urns, sometimes combined with the archetypical Germanic symbol – the swastika. Tiwaz is the Rune of the warrior and it can be used to awaken the belligerence in us. It's also used to better one's concentration and enable a more intensive focus on a project. Beside that, Tiwaz helps to defeat the competition, or any other situation that has a competitive element. Unlike the Berkana which is preceded by this typically male Rune, a Rune that carries within itself an exceptionally male energy. Like the second Aett, the third cycle of Futhark begins with a kind of destruction. In Tiwaz we have to overcome ourselves and, if needed, to sacrifice ourselves for the higher goals.


Positive meaning: victory, justice, responsibility, heroism.

Negative meaning: injustice, pointless sacrifice, failure.

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