Friday, December 28, 2007

Goddess Nerthus Or Eartha Or Jordh

Goddess Nerthus Or Eartha Or Jordh Cover Nerthus is a Vanic Goddess known as the Mother Earth. Her favorite colors are the earth colors of brown, black, and green. She can be found dwelling in the hidden realms underground. Like the strong earth-dweller it is, her symbol is also the boar. Nerthus is the Original birch goddess. Tacitus describes her as living in a holy birch grove. Twice a year she is supposed to leave the grove and go on a procession about the land, bringing prosperity and good harvest. These processions take place at the Beginning of the summer half of the year and at the beginning of the winter half. At the end of the ritual the priest leading the procession brought the wagon the goddess symbolically rode around in and her holy symbol, back to the grove. Slaves accompanied him and ritually they washed everything. The slaves were then killed, either by drowning or strangling. Some scholars hold that the slaves might represent a male fertility deity. It was recorded that during her procession was a time of peace. No one took up arms, and there was no quarreling.

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