Thursday, November 17, 2005

Laguz Rune

Laguz Rune Cover Laguz means lake. This Rune actually represents water in all its forms, so it can signify a sea, ocean, lake, river or marsh. All these water surfaces are under the rule of Njord and his wife Ran, which meant mysterious and dangerous regions to the old Germanic peoples. They imagined that the waters were inhabited by terrifying creatures like the serpent Jormundgand, but also beautiful creatures, but no less deadly, like Lorelai. What is, then, the point of Laguz? In the occult, water has always been the symbol of emotions, intuition, but also of the unconscious, the depths of which are like the depths of the ocean. Dreams, fantasies and hallucinations fall under Laguz's domain, but also illusions which we consider to be real, but are nothing more than projections of our subconscious. Laguz thus has the meaning of something mysterious and unknown, something which needs to be explored, something we should face and so prove our courage. For when we know our flaws, frustrations and fears, the mysterious waters of Laguz we dreaded can become a healing spring. Water is also a symbol of fertility and female qualities in general.


Positive meaning: fertility, development through self-examination, psychism.

Negative meaning: illusions, fear, madness, perversion.

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